Dashboard Graphs

On the home page of AmbitionTT is the monthly training graph. This graph shows you how many hours you have trained split by weeks. the graph resets at the start of every month. You can use this graph to see how the different weeks and hours have effected your performance

Style Graph

By swiping to the left  ambition will show you the Style graph. This graph gives you a drill down into what types of training you did throughout the month and how many hours you spent on each. The information here allows you to become balanced in your training so you don't favour one over the other.

SkillSet list

The skill Set section is designed to allow you to track any thing you may have learned. The list is split in two categories Style and Technique.

Style is a category that you would like put your training into. it can be 50 characters long and you can have as many as you like.

Techniques get put under the styles and can have 50 character name and 300 character description.

Hint: The search function can be very handy in the style and technique lists.